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School Profile

A National Blue Ribbon and California Distinguished School

The community of George L. White Elementary School proudly celebrates the recognition of being designated a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. The criteria for selection include the following outstanding elements:

  • Student focus and support
  • Challenging standards and curriculum
  • Teaching and active learning
  • Learning-centered
  • Professional growth and collaboration
  • Leadership and organizational vitality
  • School, family and community partnerships
  • Student performance measures
  • Attendance rates
  • School, staff and student awards

The staff at George White is proud of their students and their accomplishments! High standards are set both academically and behaviorally. Student achievement is recognized and reinforced with Royal Knight Awards, Principal Awards and ABC(Achievement, Behavior and Creativity) Awards. A positive, warm and caring atmosphere exists in which teachers and staff model respect for students, parents, community members and one another.

Parent involvement is valued and encouraged. An active and supportive PTA is the foundation of our parent involvement. Our school community benefits from the many volunteer hours that are given by the parents, the fun activities that are planned and sponsorship of such programs as the Reading Olympics, Art Masters program, Kids In Community Service and Friday Field Day.

At George White Elementary School, staff members, students and parents are committed to building a tradition of pride and excellence. Through their collaborative efforts, a positive learning environment that promotes student success and achievement is flourishing.

Mission Statement

George White Elementary School provides a positive learning environment through the collaborative efforts of staff, students, and parents to build a tradition of pride and excellence in academics and behaviors to prepare our students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world by creating and maintaining a positive, enriching, and safe learning environment.

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