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Principal's Message

Principal and students

Welcome to George White!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

We are grateful for the recognition that we have received at both the state and federal levels, as we have been designated as a National Blue Ribbon School and twice awarded California Distinguished School.  Here at George White we continue to build up the student to be successful in all areas of life. All students have the opportunity to be involved in excellent core and extra curricular learning.  Please see below all the programs that support our student learning.  Also we provide character education in which we have a counselor who teaches students the importance of "how to get along".  As 21st century learners, we strive to integrate technology for all grades to allow the student to be strong in communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.  We at George White continue to develop the "whole" child and welcome ALL to be lifetime learners!


Here are a few examples of the outstanding educational opportunities at George White:


  • STEAM Lab- This lab incorporates the skills of collaboration and project-based learning. The lab allows the students to learn from their mistakes and grow in their knowledge of 21st century skills. Our lab is equipped with state of the art technology which we use on a weekly basis. We also have monthly STEAM activities during lunch that align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Hands on Science- each grade level has a monthly science activity either through Brainstorm or Discovery Science. In these sessions, student learn coding, robotics, and much more
  • George White PRIDE - Our school-wide focus (including essay contests, assemblies, morning flag ceremonies and weekly student awards) is to promote kindness and eliminate bullying. PRIDE stands for the following: P-Positive words and actions, R-responsibility, I-show Integrity, D-demonstrate safety, E-effort. We at George White demonstrate our PRIDE to others including students, staff, and family.
  • SMART board technology in the classrooms!
  • Weekly Spirit Day Morning Assemblies - We recognize students and promote our PRIDE - our behavior program, promote our anti-bullying message and show our school spirit.
  • Monthly "Knights of the Round Table" lunches where students sit at a "table of honor" to celebrate their successes and progress in school!
  • The annual Reading Olympics school-wide reading program where all students set reading goals and monitor their progress toward the gold medal ceremony in May!
  • School Garden!
  • Earth Day concerts and programs to encourage our students to "reduce, reuse, and recycle" to take care of our planet!
  • KICS (Kids in Community Service) and Student Council leadership opportunities for students of all ages!
  • “Come Walk in my Shoes” program where 3rd graders increase their awareness regarding disabilities and the power to overcome any obstacles!
  • 4th and 5th graders “making history” during their “Walk Through California” and “Walk Through the American Revolution” interactive assemblies!
  • 5th graders attend overnight "Outdoor Science School" program in the San Bernardino Mountains to develop leadership skills and reinforce science standards!
  • 4th graders spend a night on the Pilgrim  ship at Ocean Institute and learn about RH Dana
  • The annual Reflections art program where students create brilliant and unique artwork and display their masterpieces at a Fall Reflections Event!
  • Choral and instrumental music programs (grades k-5) where all students develop their musical abilities!
  • Meet the Masters art program where all students learn about the “art masters” and create their own “works of art!”
  • The annual Jog-A-Thon event where all students strive for their “personal best” and become physically fit!
  • “State of the art” computer lab with a computer lab assistant where students create Google Slide Shows, published writing pieces, and research projects!
  • School-wide reading events where all students develop a love of literature, including Read Across America Day and “School-Wide Reading Day!”


As this is only a sample of our many programs and activities, you can see that we work tirelessly to offer an exceptional education to our students. I encourage you to visit our PTA’s website at and our Booster Club’s website at to find out more about our school, programs, events, and activities.  You can also follow us on social media at both TWITTER (@GeorgeWhiteCapo) and on Instagram (@GeorgeWhiteCapo) and Facebook (George White Capo). I also welcome your questions and you can contact me at  


Thank you again for visiting our website. Remember to follow those George White Guidelines of Success:

Be Kind,  Be Safe, and Always Do your Personal Best!


Thank you,


Andrew Klinkenberg, Principal