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Charles Massaro Locker
Supply List
  • 2 dozen pencils- pre-sharpened, if possible (Ticonderoga makes a great pencil)
  • 1 or more medium glue sticks
  • 1 box 24 count of Crayola crayons (Wall Mart had them for $0.50)
  • 1 pair of scissors (Fiskar makes a great pair of scissors)
  • 1 Dry erase marker(any color)
  • 1 Highlighter
  • Sock for dry erase or 5” dry eraser
  • 2 black Sharpie markers (regular size tip)
  • 2 black Sharpie markers (super fine tip)
  • 1 one inch binder with five dividers tabs (This will be their homework binder and will include the Reminder Binder)
  • Reminder Binder (purchase at school for $5.00)

These items are not listed on the George White website and are purely optional:

  • Additional pencil box for their locker (I supply a pencil box for their desk.  Each student also has large cubby, which I  call a locker.  In it, we keep additional books and supplies that we use irregularly.)
  • Hand held pencil sharpener (This allows the student to keep their pencils super sharp as necessary.  For some kids, it is a distraction, thus it is optional.  As a routine, my goal is to always have sharpened pencils on hand)

A Final Note:

  • In addition to the above ... extra pencils, eraser toppers, glue sticks, scissor, and Sharpie Marker (both regular and super fine) are always appreciated and will be stored for future use or to help another student who is unable to purchase from the list.


Charles Massaro

Mr. Massaro

Charles Massaro is thrilled to be a George White Knight! This is his third year teaching third grade at George White. He taught fourth grade for three years previously.  Over his twenty-eight years in education in CUSD, he has taught second, third, and fourth grades. He has also taught at Moulton and Malcom Elementary Schools. In fact his two sons went to Malcom, while he was teaching there.  He has earned his collection of degrees from California State University, Fullerton (B.S., Teaching Credential, and M.S.)  An interesting fact about Mr. Massaro is that as a Disneyland Cast Member he taught cash handling at The Disney University. He also enjoys acting and played King Claudius in a recent production of Hamlet. Best of all, he seeks to inspire young minds and wants students to enjoy coming to school! 

An Overview of Homework

Students write down their homework in their Reminder Binders on a daily basis in class: Monday through Thursday. Parents are encouraged to check student Reminder Binders for homework due. You may also check my daily email for homework listed.

Students generally have three categories of homework per night:  Monday through Thursday

1. Reading for 25 Minutes.  (Parent Signature is required for the homework contract, which is given out on Monday and returned on Friday.)

2. Language Sheet:  Usually Spelling, Vocabulary, or Grammar

3. Math Practice Sheet:  This usually reviews the daily lesson and has review exercises. 

Mr. Massaro at SeaWorld
Mr. Massaro at SeaWorld
Website Links

Scholastic Reading Counts (SCR) With this website, you can check to see if the book your child is reading has an SRC test:


The Teachers Guide:  This website has accessed to many of the Language Arts Worksheets that I use for homework:

Current Assignments